Miami Stainless presents a detailed guide for specifying balustrade systems correctly in diverse projects.

Miami Stainless’ Specifications Guide for Balustrade Systems provides guidance to designers and specifiers when selecting balustrades for a wide range of projects across residential and commercial sectors, and in interior or exterior applications.

Miami Stainless offers a diverse range of balustrade systems providing optimum balance between design and durability. Designed for lasting quality finish, affordability and structural integrity with minimal maintenance required, all balustrade systems supplied by Miami Stainless combine the durability of stainless steel with innovative post and fixing design details. All rails and posts are made from high strength 316 Marine Grade stainless steel.

Get your balustrade system custom made by Miami Stainless’ in-house fabrication department.

The Specifications Guide for Balustrade Systems serves as an introduction to post and handrail systems from Miami Stainless. Autodesk Revit files are available for download for all Miami Stainless balustrade and railing systems.

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