Metzen Louvres Pty Ltd  offers a range of external shading devices including its manual adjustable balustrade louvres for houses, apartments and other buildings.

The company’s external manual adjustable balustrade louvres are designed to be installed in outdoor spaces to provide both shade and fencing.  

The balustrade louvres can be installed in between houses to act as privacy fence, but at the same time can be adjusted at angles to allow a required amount of sunlight to penetrate into the outdoor space.

As an external shading system, the balustrade louvres provide a range of key benefits. Conducted research findings by Australian institutions such as the CSIRO has shown that external as a opposed to internal louvres are more effective in insulating homes. 

External shading systems act as barriers against both heat and against cold winter nights. This provides significant energy savings by reducing the requirement for cooling and heating units and ongoing running and maintenance costs associated with electronic temperature control systems. 

More specifically tests have shown that external louvres over glass areas with a northerly aspect can stop over 85% of heat whereas internal systems allow nearly 5 times as much energy to pass. 

The added manual adjustable feature for the company’s balustrade louvres means heat and energy can be easily controlled.