Australian wellness interiors company Welnis Labs has teamed up with Metronaps , the world’s leading manufacturer of napping pods to introduce the concept of power napping in Australian workplaces.

The benefits of power napping are scientifically proven with an ever-growing number of workplaces embracing employee napping programs to increase productivity, workplace wellness and worker safety. Napping is becoming increasingly commonplace across workplaces; a recent NASA study has shown that a nap of around 20 minutes increases productivity by up to 34% and alertness by up to 54%. These figures are particularly significant in workplaces where safety and fatigue management are paramount.

Welnis founder Nigel Hobbs explains that they have embraced the napping concept at their workplace for some time now. He personally has been taking afternoon naps for over two years and has realised the difference the practice makes to his work efficiency and stress levels.

Hobbs adds that employers should realise they can literally create more productive hours in the day by allowing employees to nap. Napping significantly reduces ‘presenteeism’ whereby a person may be present at their desk but is too tired to be functioning at anywhere near optimal levels.

Metronaps’ EnergyPods are already in use at BHP Billiton, Google, MBF and Virgin Active Gyms as well as the University of Wollongong for students.

Featuring a built-in privacy visor and technology that gently awakens the user after a nap, the Metronaps EnergyPods present an effective way to introduce the benefits of power napping into the workplace.