The GEZE Perlan 140, from Metro Frameless Glass Systems  is durable and quiet due to the roller carriages having two precision sealed ball bearings, special track geometry, rubber bearings in the door hangers and large diameter rollers.

The track is anodised light metal alloy, which decreases abrasion from the carriages. It can take frameless glass doors up to 140kg in weight and can be mounted directly to the ceiling or with brackets to the ceiling or wall.

Natural anodised clip panels and lateral covers are available for wall and ceiling mounted versions of the Perlan 140.

Perlan Duosync ensures the synchronisation of two door leaves in opposite directions. Due to the maintenance free reverse system both leaves can be opened and closed with only one grasp easily and comfortably.

Perlan AUT allows the automation of the manual sliding door hardware Perlan 140 for leaves up to 80kg.