Global tapware and shower designer Methven has introduced a new range of showerheads in fashionable colours. Stepping away from the monochrome tones of conventional bathrooms, Methven has released its innovative Aurajet Aio showerheads in a range of colours inspired by Pantone colour trends.

Designed in partnership with worldwide colour experts Pantone, Methven’s new Aurajet range includes the 2015 Pantone colour of the year Marsala, along with various Pantone recommended colours, Midnight, Classic Blue, all chrome and white for the traditionalists. Methven will release a new range of colour variations each year aligned with Pantone’s forecasts on future colour trends.

Available exclusively in Australia through Reece, Aurajet showers stand out not only for the colourful palette but also for the unique design, which features hidden nozzles within the halo-shaped showerhead generating individual drops of water that collide against precisely angled surfaces to create a fan of dense droplets.

Aurajet’s innovative showerhead design results in 20 per cent more total spray force and double the water coverage of conventional showers, leading to a more invigorating and luxurious showering experience while also delivering water efficiency with a three star WELS rating of nine litres a minute.

Described by Methven as the most significant technological breakthrough in showerhead design, the Aurajet shower was launched this year following thousands of hours of consumer research to determine user expectations. The introduction of Aurajet technology into the market firmly cements Methven’s place as a global industry leader in shower innovation. Of the five global shower spray technologies available to consumers, Methven now owns the patents to Satinjet and Aurajet.