Methven Australia has launched a new range of showers combining the next generation Aurajet technology with an unconventional design and water-saving performance.

Methven, New Zealand’s global designer and manufacturer of premium showers and tapware for over 125 years, has integrated Aurajet technology into a new shower collection, Aio. The unique halo shaped showerhead with hidden nozzles designed by Methven engineers generates individual jets of water that collide against precisely-angled surfaces, creating a stunning fan of luxuriously dense droplets.

With the development of Aurajet, Methven has pushed the boundaries of hydrodynamics, according to Methven Australia CEO Mark Bejatovic. Launched in Sydney, the Aio featuring Aurajet technology incorporates high-end aesthetics and materials, and uses intriguing contours and a modern minimalist composition throughout the range.

Mr Bejatovic explains that the Aurajet Aio collection is different not only in looks but also in performance with Methven having combined precision engineering and science in the halo shaped showerhead to deliver wider, even, luxurious coverage and enhanced droplet density.

Mr Bejatovic observes that a major challenge for the Australian shower and tapware industry has been to design a shower that balances the consumer desire for water saving with superior showering experience. Aurajet achieves this balance by providing an enjoyable shower experience as well as water savings via a three Star WELS rating with a peak flow rate of nine litres per minute.

Aurajet was tested extensively by Methven in all of its key global markets including Australia, New Zealand and the UK before its hometown launch last month. Aurajet is now available in the Australian market, exclusively at Reece stores nationwide.

Methven’s Aurajet shower delivers up to 20 per cent more total spray force and twice the water coverage of conventional showers, leading to a more invigorating showering experience.

The introduction of Aurajet technology cements Methven’s place as a global leader in shower innovation. Of the five shower spray technologies available, Methven owns patents to two including the award-winning Satinjet and the new Aurajet, both of which are also backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Methven’s achievements in tapware and shower design have been recognised through many prestigious awards including Red Dot Design Awards (Germany), German Design Council Awards, Good Design Awards (USA), Good Design Green Award (USA), UK Designer Awards, Australian International Design Awards and NZ Best Design Awards.

The beautiful Aio taps, made from lead-free Eco Brass will complement the new Aurajet shower range.