When it comes to achieving the ideal residential dwelling, sometimes a simple, additional element is all it takes to reinvent something that is already great.

Whilst having a pinboard of renovation ideas would work for some, for others it's quite easy to go overboard. The end result would be a budget that's been blown out of proportion and a home that perhaps could have done with just a simple reinvigoration.

MetalART Industries offers the Supaslat™ aluminium louvres which are designed to create privacy, provide sun control, shading and screening solutions.

An ideal alternative to timber, these stylish aluminium louvre systems are rust resistant, making it suitable for installation in beachfront properties.

Adding to the masterpiece
The Supaslat™ aluminium louvres can be used as:
  • privacy shutters and screens
  • sun louvres
  • shade screens
  • ventilation screens
  • plant and air-conditioning enclosures
  • fencing
  • aluminium window shutters
Finishes that provide the beauty of timber
These low maintenance aluminium louvre systems incorporate chic, woodgrain finishes that present the beauty of timber with all the advantages of aluminium. Other notable features and benefits include:
  • concealed fixings that guarantee smooth, clean finish
  • low maintenance 
  • choose from over 100 stylish powder coat finishes that withstand extreme weather conditions
  • woodgrain finishes present the beauty of timber with all the advantages of aluminium
  • lightweight, strong and durable design
  • no rusting, no painting or oiling
Enhance the beauty of existing homes with the stylish Supaslat™ aluminium louvres from MetalART Industries.