Imagine a stunning timber fence design that won’t rot, burn, warp or fade; a fence that is termite- proof and never needs oiling or painting. Metalart Industries has it.

The unique aluminium ‘Supaslat fence design System’, exclusive to Metalart Industries, is now available in a premium wood-grain finish.

The timeless wood-grain finish takes Metalarts Supaslat fence design System to a new dimension. Combined with the latest technology, the supreme quality finish that looks just like Jarrah offers the conspicuous beauty and elegance of timber with all the qualities and style of aluminium Supaslat. “It has to be seen (and touched) to be believed,” Philip Cox of Metalart Industries says.

When the new wood-grain Supaslat fence design System was launched at Melbourne’s recent Design Build Expo, it was established that there was a huge potential for the exceptional timber ‘look-alike’ product to be incorporated, across a broad range of applications, into exclusive architectural designs.

The niche wood-grain Supaslat fence design System is the ultimate substitute to timber. It can be confidently specified in diverse situations, including projects that arise in bushfire designated areas and is an ideal alternative in developments or estates where councils stipulate that timber fencing is required.

Quality assurance

Extreme exposure testing in high solar radiation and high salt corrosive conditions ensures the low maintenance wood-grain fence design is also ideal for specification in harsh climates. An occasional hose down is all that is required to maintain the pristine condition of Metalarts’ Supaslat fence design System.

The wood-grain finish is produced using a durable marine grade polyurethane powder to firstly coat the aluminium Supaslat. Photographic imaging is then impregnated into the powder-coat, via a heat transfer process, resulting in a supreme quality ‘timber look’ finish.

Aspiring to provide the client with the superlative, designer, Philip Cox, of Metalart Industries says, “Our company has a proud history and we place at primary importance the quality and integrity of our products – we have high standards and an ongoing commitment to developing superior and innovative products for specification in our client’s exclusive designs.”

Supaslat applications

• Fence designs

• Privacy screens (complies with Rescode re “over-looking” issues)

• Balustrades; aluminium pergolas

• Window screens; shade screens

• Louvered style screens – all products are made to measure.


• Internal ribbing (provides extra strength and allows wider spans)

• Clean ‘sleek’ lines

• Fully engineered. Several profiles to suit varied applications

• Suitable for internal and external applications

• Over 100 stylish powder-coat colours

• Timeless wood-grain finish (Jarrah) - new

• Extreme exposure tested

• Graffiti tested