Metabo has released its ‘Li-Power’ Lithium Ion range of power tools. Combining the technologies of Lithium Ion batteries and air-cooled chargers, the new system means lighter tools, less downtime, more run time and longer battery life.

In addition, Li-Power is compatible with Metabo’s NiCd air-cooled cordless models, making it a flexible addition to users’ tool boxes. The first of Metabo’s Li-Power releases are the 18 Volt Li Kit, suited to all trade applications, and the BSZ 14.4 Impulse Li and BSZ 18 Impulse Li Drill/Drivers.

The benefits of Lithium Ion over NiCd and NiMH batteries are significant.   Firstly, an 18 volt NiCd battery typically weighs 1.04 kg, a NiMH 1.25 kg, but a Li-Ion battery weighs only 0.710 kg, up to 40% lighter. Secondly, Metabo’s Li-Power batteries are more productive than other types, performing up to 40% more work per charge than NiCd batteries of the same voltage.

Thirdly, the Li-Power ‘Smart Pack’ battery is designed for self-preservation, giving users a longer service life. If the battery overheats, the LEDs on the rear of the battery flash and the Smart Pack shuts off, saving the cells from self-destruction. Similarly, if the battery is placed under abnormally high loads, it shuts off, preventing cell overload and damage. At the push of a button, the LEDs show the charge level and flash continuously if the battery needs recharging, whilst in the tool.

Furthermore, the ‘Smart Pack’ prevents damage associated with overcharging or running the battery completely flat, ensuring a longer battery life. Users can also recharge the batteries even after a short period of use, with no ill-effects.

The Li-Power chargers complement the Smart Pack batteries by using air-cooled technology to prolong the battery’s useful life. The AC 30 Plus and ACS 15 Plus chargers have a built-in fan which drags air through the vents, cooling the battery quickly. This reduces the charging time and protects the battery cells from heat damage.

Simplifying matters for users who already have Metabo cordless tools, the Li-Power technology is compatible with current and previous models. The Li-Power batteries are suitable for use in the current NiCd Air-Cooled tools, when used with the AC 30 Plus or ACS 15 Plus chargers. Likewise, Metabo’s AC 30 Plus and ACS 15 Plus chargers can be used with Metabo’s entire range of battery packs, although adaptors may be required for some older models.