Front Runner, said to be the world’s leading exhibition material, and available from Melded Fabrics , is now available in a revised range of 25 colours.

Suitable for a variety of surfaces, whether vertical panelling, shaped objects or any surface which acts as an acoustic barrier, the new Front Runner range comes in a mix of ‘vivid’, ‘watery’ and ‘natural’ colours.

Meanwhile, Prelude now takes on a Deco mood with a range of soft greys and beiges in a mix of solid and heathered colours - introduced to further complement the range’s extensive palette and add a romantic feel with monochromatics and neutrals, providing the specifier with a ‘felt’ look which is both edgy and raw when combined with unfinished timbers, steel and concrete. In further news, Prelude Predictions is a new concept enabling architects and other specifiers to take advantage of what colours will be in vogue in the coming year.