Melbourne Waterproofers  specialise in carrying out a range of waterproofing installations to new and existing buildings that comply with Australian Standards (AS3740-2004) for waterproofing residential buildings. 

The company can waterproof a residential home using a range of methods including installing waterproofing membranes on walls and frequently wet grounds.  

The company’s waterproofing membranes help soak up water and moisture to ensure wet areas do not soak into dry areas of a home including through walls. 

The membranes can also stop water leaks, overflows and help absorb moisture from rooms such as bathrooms. 

The waterproofing membranes used by Melbourne Waterproofers all comply with the Australian AS4858 Standard for waterproofing membranes for residential homes. 

Areas which are suitable to be waterproofed by the company’s waterproofing membranes include: 

  • shower trays 
  • full shower walls 
  • shower hobs
  • bath flashings
  • wall areas 
  • full floor areas