Melbourne Shade Systems design and supply a state of the art shade system which is specifically designed for mounting above glass roofs and pergolas. Sundream conservatory awning systems have been developed to stop the sun and heat before they penetrate a home or business interior through out Australian summers and winters.

Sundream systems are highly versatile and robust and feature sturdy aluminium guide tracks which improve the products longevity and ensure it is mostly maintenance free through the working life of the awnings. The front bar features powerful tie rods with high strength synthetic resin guide pulleys for ease of operations. The guided motion prevents the jamming or snapping of the guide rails.

The conservatory awning systems roller bar features two spring units that allow the awning to roll in and out smoothly, and can increase the load while the awning extends. This also allows for a ‘steer around’ function which can turn corners up to 90 degrees. All systems are motorised and powder coated.

The awnings are 6 by 6 metres wide and are limited to a total area of 30 square metres. Melbourne Shade Systems can happily extend the units by coupling, to cover an area of up to 120 square metres for commercial properties. Sundream conservatory awning systems can be customised in a range of colours, mesh and fabrics.