The Essentials and Solutions ranges of wall systems from mei + picchi are versatile and great value for money when it comes to retail and shop fit-outs.

mei + picchi's range of wall systems includes a variety of options, such as:

  • concealed stripping
  • direct wall fix
  • floor to ceiling
  • standard timber
  • metal uprights.
mei + picchi’s Essentials catalogue includes 28 pages devoted entirely to uprights, merchandising systems, accessories, floor gondolas, showcases, counters and ticketing options. Installation guides are included for all uprights, ensuring the most suitable upright can be matched to the specifications of the fitout area.

mei + picchi wall systems uprights feature wide slots to allow for continuous side merchandising in one line. Standard accessories are available in 3 widths, to create 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm wide bays. The wide range of accessories make it easy to combine side and front hanging and shelving to suit changing needs.

Interchangeable accessories help to make merchandising with a comprehensive and streamlined system a simple task. All the accessories are compatible with wall and floor gondolas meaning the same accessories can be utilised. The gondola configurations on offer range from a single frame unit to T and H units.

The Solutions range of wall systems from mei + picchi includes spaceline cable, stand offs and rod display systems, all of which can assist with building a customised display system to suit any unique needs within retail and commercial environments.

Spaceline cable and rod systems are simple and effective merchandising and display systems for floor to ceiling, wall to floor or wall to wall fixing applications, and are also ideal for functional window displays. Both systems are also ideal for graphic displays using acrylic pockets, brochure holder displays, or to use with shelving.

Standoffs in “through hole” and “edge mount” styles are a an ideal option for wall mount displays. Perfectly suited for use with the range of acrylic poster, ticket and brochure holders, standoffs are also a great choice for signage panels, including glass.

Standoffs are a cost-effective option for walls and panels instead of cable or rod choices when simplicity and minimal fittings are essential.