mei + picchi ’s range of showcases and counters includes a range of functional and affordable display options in different styles. Showcase and counter display systems are easy, convenient and cost effective and are available with timber or aluminium frame options.

mei + picchi showcases are supplied in kit form for easy transport, delivery and set-up using comprehensive assembly instructions.

Showcases are suitable for displaying almost anything from jewellery and accessories, to skateboard parts, homewares, sunglasses and other small or delicate pieces. The range of display cabinets includes timber showcases and counters, or an anodised aluminium frame, black or white bases and glass shelving and doors. Numerous showcases can be configured to create adaptable systems that provide extra display and counter space.

The extra vision showcases feature glass panels on all sides, sliding glass doors and height adjustable glass shelves. The extra vision showcases are also available with either a black or white base to complement store fit outs. Jewellery showcases in black or white offer one glass display section atop a base which conveniently incorporates valuable storage space. Corner showcases can stand on their own or in combination with other showcases to create a modular system that suits varying needs.

Tower and wall showcases offer taller display options and feature glass on all sides. Tower showcases offer a convenient slimline option suited to even the smallest of retail spaces. Wall showcases provide a hard to miss display option that can be used for many items. Tower showcases can either sit against a wall or be used to create partitions on shop floors.

Timber showcases and counters are available in a white or maple finish. Full vision showcases are available in 2 sizes, complete with height adjustable glass shelves and sliding timber doors. Optional accessories include glass doors, locks and fluorescent light fittings which can be added as required. Timber wrap counters offer great counter and storage space, and are suitable for displaying products such as jeans or other folded clothing, homewares or even storing bags, tissue paper and gift wrapping.

Triangular corner showcases are also available to coordinate with timber showcases and counters and are available in a white or maple finish. Triangular corner showcases are supplied with height adjustable shelves and open at the front, offering flexibility for counter displays. A white timber jewellery showcase is also available with a glass display section and storage space underneath.