mei + picchi ‘s range of Puck merchandising display systems extends across a number of styles to offer the user exactly what they need.

Customised displays can be created with a great range of easy to use accessories including merchandisers and glass shelving to create a tailored display that is also easily adaptable.

Slot Puck is a versatile merchandising display system that incorporates three different style pucks. With horizontal or vertical options available, there are more aesthetic choices to be made. The range of accessories available with these merchandising displays includes merchandising options such as hat holders, ball holders, and shoe shelves as well as hangrails and a variety of display arms in stepped, waterfall and straight options. Slot Puck fittings can be installed into panels and there is also a specialised aluminium panel that can be easily mounted and can accommodate horizontal Slot Puck accessories.

Push Ball Puck merchandise display systems include a range of accessories available in two different sizes, offering a sleeker or stronger look. There is also the Push Button Puck merchandising display system which includes accessories in polished chrome or stainless steel finishes. The push button mechanism is ideal for displays where greater security and stability of accessories is required. Accessories include ticket holders, shelf brackets, arms, neck fittings for the display of plastic torsos, hang rails and more.

Midi Puck includes prongs that can be converted to shelf brackets with the use of rubber o-rings and is particularly suitable for lightweight apparel and smaller homewares, hardgoods or even beauty products.

For presentation of smaller items, Mini Puck merchandise display systems are a suitable choice, with a diverse selection of accessories including bottle holders and cradles, spectacle holders, shelf and panel holders, prong hooks and more.