Euroshop is a global retail trade fair, held in Dusseldorf, Germany every 3 years and provides the ideal opportunity to see the latest innovations in the shopfitting and visual merchandising industry.

mei + picchi  always attend Euroshop and also actively look for new and exciting products to bring back to the Australian and New Zealand markets. mei + picchi also represent some of the leading mannequin, visual merchandising and merchandising system companies in the world.

ALU merchandising and display systems and Genesis Display and Pucci mannequins are all brought to the Australian and New Zealand markets exclusively by mei + picchi.

Euroshop ran from the 26th February to the 2nd March and produced a number of new products from these companies which will soon be appearing in mei + picchi showrooms over the coming months.

ALU’s Acrobat Agile display system will be joining the mei + picchi range later in 2011. As with all ALU products, Acrobat Agile is a versatile display system that is stylish and easy to use. Acrobat Agile is a smart solution for window displays, effectively combining graphics and merchandising accessories that can be updated and changed in an instant.

Genesis Display launched no less than 12 new mannequin ranges, which will be arriving in the mei + picchi showrooms later this year. Genesis combines current, on trend European style with user-friendly design for mannequins that are easy to use.

Also appearing at Euroshop 2011 was Ralph Pucci’s new Girl 2 mannequin collection, which is on show now at mei + picchi’s Melbourne and Sydney showrooms. Pucci mannequins are unique, beautifully sculpted works of art. Girl 2 was launched in December 2010 at Ralph Pucci’s Gallery Nine in New York City, creating an enormous amount of media attention.