McLean Automation  has offered a wide variety of new and innovative products in the market. Some of these products include valve sequencers, BayWatch transmitters, nurse call systems, GateGard, AMR, integrated solar power frost alarms, long range handsets, motor control boxes, dew/spray drift alarm, hand held radio pendants, OEM data radio cards, automatic soil moisture management and irrigation solenoid scada.

The valve sequencers from McLean Automation cycles from 1 to 16 irrigation solenoids on command from box mounted switches and sensors or through radio signals from remote switches and sensors. Every enclosure has matchless customer detailed sequences of valve duty cycles that are tailored for different application such as irrigation and dust suppression.

These valve sequencers have applications for partial automation situations such as where petrol pumps have to be started manually for frost abatement. Sensor triggered versions are available at places where the watering sequences are controlled automatically through an inbuilt or remote temperature sensors and soil moisture probe.

McLean Automation offers BayWatch transmitters that signal when water reaches the last part of a flood irrigation bay. The receivers have an internal piezo alarms along with relay outputs for phone diallers when alarms to mobile phones are required. These transmitters are available as battery powered portables which can be moved from one bay to next or as solar power fixes installations for everlasting deployment in bays.