McLean Automation  offers low power radio links to start and stop irrigation pumps, measure analogue signals from machines, monitor widely spread alarms, buoys and other isolated equipment. The radio links have the work range upto 5 kilometres. These radio links from McLean Automation are very easy to use and at the same cheaper than cable wires. Radio links are one of the best alternatives to cable wiring. These radio links are wireless links with good control range and thus offer better services than cable wires.

The radio links offered by McLean Automation have low power designs that mean there is no requirement of any radio licences. These radio links help the clients to save money, receive extra income and at the same time provides more design freedom. Radio links supplied by McLean Automation turns problems into extra income for contractors. They save money of plant maintenance departments and provide greater independence to electrical design staff.

All products from McLean Automation are custom made and extensively tested under tough and harsh Australian conditions. Two popular brands of radio links supplied by McLean Automation are Cobra and WaterWorks. Cobra is a simple on/off radio link with a range of control upto 5 kilometres. WaterWorks is a complete radio controlled irrigation products from McLean Automation.