MAXI Plywood has introduced two new visually striking decorative plywood panels that expand architectural and joinery design possibilities.

The two new decorative ply panels, MAXI Edge URBAN and MAXI Edge ALPINE join the existing options in the range, MAXI Edge RUSTIC and MAXI Edge FINELINE that have taken the aesthetic appeal of plywood panelling to a new level.

All four options in the range, MAXI Edge ALPINE, FINELINE, RUSTIC and URBAN are available as Solid panels and Veneer panels.

MAXI Edge decorative plywood panels are recommended for bench tops, table tops, stair treads, and wall and ceiling panelling as well as unlimited joinery and furniture applications. All MAXI Edge panels are made-to-order to suit each client’s specific customised requirements.

Each MAXI Edge panel is manufactured utilising a unique timber variety. MAXI Edge ALPINE is made from Radiata Pine timber; MAXI Edge FINELINE from European Birch; MAXI Edge RUSTIC from feature-grade Douglas Fir timber; and MAXI Edge URBAN from Okoume timber, each unique timber highlighting the individual grain, texture and colour.

MAXI Edge Veneer panels

Manufactured as single and double-sided panels from a 3mm thick veneer, the standard panels in the range are produced with a matching quality plywood core and long-grain effect. Low cost MAXI Edge Veneer panels are made with an MDF core for applications such as wall and ceiling panelling. Panels in cross-grain effect are also available against request.

MAXI Edge Solid panels

MAXI Edge Solid panels are available from 20mm up to 60mm thick, 300mm to 1200mm wide and up to 4.8m long. Standard panels are made in long-grain configuration with the panels also available as cross-grain upon request. MAXI Edge Solid panels can be manufactured up to 2.4m in length in single-piece timber strips; panels longer than 2.4m stagger the timber strip joins along the length of the panel.