Maxiply announces a new range of decorative plywood in a wide range of colours.

Maxiply's new and innovative MAXI Film is made from quality Russian Birch plywood, with 120gsm Coloured Phenolic Film-Face. This latest range follows the successful introduction of MAXI Form in brown and black.

MAXI Film decorative ply enables discerning designers and joinery workshops to cater to increasing customer preference for quality coloured timber.

Both MAXI Form and MAXI Film decorative plywood can be used for formwork as well as for decorative designer timber work and innovative cabinetry/ joinery designs.

MAXI film face ply comes in Green, Red, Blue, White, Yellow, Light Brown, Grey, Transparent, Beech and Pre Primed.

MAXI Film is available in 2440mm x 1220mm x 18mm sheets.