Birch plywood from Maxiply was cleverly used by the design and joinery team at Wheelers Quality Cabinets in a stunning kitchen refit at an inner Melbourne period home.

The beauty, quality and integrity of MAXI Birch plywood are clearly showcased in the clean elegant lines and attention to detail in the mitred corners of the cabinetry in the kitchen refit. The Birch panel’s unblemished edge detailing has been turned by Wheelers Quality Cabinets into an aesthetically integral design feature. The natural warmth of the Birch cabinets and centre workbench enhances the overall light and welcoming look of the kitchen.

Birch available from Maxiply is sourced from the snow-capped regions of northern Europe and Russia where the cold pristine environment allows the unique close-grained Birch to grow slowly; when milled and pressed into plywood sheets the core layers are virtually free of structural blemishes, providing consistent premier quality.

Key features of MAXI Birch plywood include standard nominal veneer of 1.4mm thickness; high physic-mechanical parameters; excellent strength/stiffness; high wear and impact resistance, all of which produce a highly engineered panel offering superior stability and product integrity.

MAXI Birch is B/BB Premium exterior-grade raw Birch plywood, the B-grade face being the highest quality grade available. For the Melbourne period home project, Wheelers Quality Cabinets skilfully utilised this smooth clean plywood face and feature edge layers to maximum advantage.

In its natural state, MAXI Birch retains a pure pale colour; applying protective clear coatings minimises yellowing with age, ensuring the enduring fresh clean pale look so desired by design and creative joinery teams.