MAXI Plywood announces the availability of a large range of Russian Birch plywood products. The fresh deliveries are now stocked in a new standalone warehouse, which was leased by MAXI Plywood to accommodate the large stocks.

The large stocks of Russian Birch plywood at MAXI Plywood ensure the product is always available for customers, ensuring consistency of supply.

MAXI Birch - BB/B Premium grade Russian Birch plywood, and MAXI Hex - Russian Birch plywood with Hexa pattern on top side/ smooth on back, are now on offer.

MAXI Plywood also supplies MAXI Film, which consists of Russian Birch in a wide variety of coloured film face. This includes MAXI Green, MAXI Red, MAXI Blue, MAXI White, MAXI Transparent, MAXI Light Brown, MAXI Grey, MAXI Black, MAXI Beech, MAXI Yellow and MAXI Pre Primed.

Customers can request for a sample pack of all of MAXI Plywood’s exciting new products.