Maxiply specialises in plywood products that are used in construction and manufacturing as well as by artisans, designers and craftsmen who only demand the best.

A piece of beautifully crafted timber furniture or a stunningly constructed room with timber features always evokes an overwhelming response with hands reaching out to touch the smooth textured wood surface. Wood has long been used not only to create the basic necessities of life but also to express arts and cultures in beautifully crafted pieces through its texture and form.

Maxiply has sourced plywood varieties such as Russian Birch Ply and Hoop Pine Ply featuring beautiful clean structured surfaces that are eminently suited to the demands of artisans, designers and craftsmen. 

The natural grain and texture of wood is enhanced in the clean pure colour of MAXI Plywood Russian Birch, Hoop Pine Ply and quality plywoods such as the ecologically clean PureBond Rock Maple, Pink Marine and Falcata. The elegant strength and line of the outer edge of MAXI Plywood’s quality plywood products have inspired joiners and craftsmen to showcase this feature in the creation of beautiful plywood furniture and wall features.

Maxiply assists craftsmen to maximise the aesthetic qualities of plywood through an in-house cutting service to design and create a variety of beautifully perforated Russian Birch and Hoop Pine plywood panels. Public buildings typically showcase visually stunning and impressive perforated patterned plywood panelling on walls and ceilings. In addition to the visual effect, these panels also provide a practical acoustic function. 

Beyond public buildings, even private dwellings and outdoor living spaces utilise the aesthetic and practical qualities of crafted plywood products to create beauty and warmth in the family home in an environment-friendly way.