Matahari Office Furniture  offers filling systems and Junior Office Systems. Filling systems from Matahari Office Furniture include data trays, filing cabinets and credenzas.

Credenzas systems are available in two types. One is the wood and metal unit which is a multi purpose cabinet with plastic doors and a work bench top. The work bench top comes in oak, beige with grey or black coloured frames. Wooden executive office cabinets are available in buffet forms and have sliding lockable doors and drawers.

Filling cabinets are designed in foolscap manner and they have 2, 3 or 4 drawers. Data tray filing systems are practical to use. All A4 size folders and documents can be placed in this storage system. The data tray cabinets can be separately placed on a desk and used or these cabinets can be joined to the side of desks. Around five hundred sheets can be stored in this five tray unit.

Junior Office System from Matahari Office Furniture is designed specially for children. These systems are made from modular components and the heights of tables and chairs can be adjusted. These are available in wood or grey colours with yellow and blue trims. Mobile cabinet, multiple trays, smart desk, kiddo desk, CPU holder, bamba chairs, book racks are some of the products that come under Junior Office System.