Master Screens  Safety Screen doors are measured and made in such a way that it suits the applications. Safety Screens are supplied in standard colour range and powder coated to suit the colour schemes. These screens are made from Aluminium frames that matches the Timber and Aluminium used.

Colonial Safety Screen Doors are available in various forms and shapes of grills and suits with range of mesh like Aluminium, Stainless steel ,One way and Fiber glass mesh.

Supa Screens are Stainless steel mesh which replaces bar and fly screens in doors and grilles .Supa Screens are Security screens made from tensile stainless steel mesh which increases its strength and durability .Assembling of Supa screen is free from mechanical devices like screws, pins which prevents corrosion and keeps the screens clean.

Three way Locking Systems are manufactured with three point locking system where a single turn of central locking key will function as three locks - bottom, middle and top.

The huge 3 range consists of three doors:

  • Standard - base model with 7mm Grille
  • Safeguard - beak lock, heavy duty door closer
  • Armour safe - "Thick n Tough" 9mm Grille and frame.

The Features of the Huge 3 range includes Three hinges which resists jimmying , Three Grille Patterns, Extra strong door frames and solid corner stakes, One Way Vision mesh option on all doors, locks top center and bottom and one key operates all the three locks. The height of lock is adjusted to suit the existing door lock heights.