Available from Master Lifts , Eurostar inclined platform lifts ensure access in public buildings and homes for those with restricted mobility.

Master Lifts custom builds all their Eurostar inclined platform lifts to suit specific widths and lengths and can be installed with no major alterations.

When not being used, these inclined platform lifts fold neatly away and require minimal space. The wheelchair platform lifts can be mounted on the wall or on posts and feature sensitive flaps that will stop the platform if there is an obstruction.

Eurostar inclined platform lifts can be fitted with a folding seat so that wheelchair users and those needing to sit can use the lift.

All models of inclined platform lifts are fitted with emergency lowering in case of a power failure and all models can be externally installed.

Eurostar inclined platform lifts are able to manage steep stair angles, curves and landings and can be installed to the inside or outside edges of the staircase. These inclined platform lifts are versatile and are able to carry up to 300kg.

Other inclined platform lifts available from Master Lifts include The Staircruiser and The Streamliner.