The new Eco Hydro lift, from Master Lifts , is an ecologically friendly lift. It runs on recycled water with a 240V pump and has low power requirements. The Eco Hydro lift represents the latest advances in water hydraulic lift technology and engineering excellence. Having the features of an oil hydraulic lift, it is a cost effective means of travelling up to 4m in whisper quiet comfort between two levels in the home.

The Eco Hydro lift comes in its own aluminium lift shaft, eliminating the need for a masonry lift that would normally be required. This means of construction also allows the lift to be craned into position, considerably speeding up the installation time.

The Eco Hydro lift can also be disassembled and re-assembled. It is fully automatic making it easy for all to use with no constant pressure or hold to run buttons. All buttons, switches and electrical controls of commercial elevator standards provide a long trouble-free service life.

In the event of power failure, the emergency battery backup in the Eco Hydro lift allows users to lower the lift and exit safely. The passenger car has a carrying capacity of 250kg and measures 900mm x 1300mm making it large enough for three people or a person in a wheelchair and a companion.

The Eco Hydro lift will fit almost any home as it requires only a footprint area of 1430mm wide x 1550mm deep and a set down of 80mm. The Eco Hydro lift can be installed externally to the house. It does not need a separate machine room and need only space for a cabinet. The Eco Hydro lift is suitable for users who find it difficult to get up and down the stairs or simply want to enjoy the convenience of a lift.