Available from Master Lifts , above ground (AG) pool lifts can be fitted to practically any pool wall height, including hydrotherapy pools. These pools lifts offer assisted access to above ground pools and spas. Custom designed for individual requirements, above ground pool lifts are simple to install and are portable.

Other pool lift models available from Master Lifts include:

  • In Ground Manual Turn (IGMT)
  • In Ground Recessed Cylinder (IGRC)
These pools lifts do not have parts in the water when not in use and are generally advantageous for pools with automatic pool covers, in-ground spas with bench seats and for pool / spa combinations.

Above ground pools lifts are powered by water pressure from a hose or plumbed in line, meaning no electricity or batteries are needed.

Above ground pool lifts are manufactured from stainless steel and nylon that is non corrosive and offers high quality.

These pool lifts have adjustable seat heights and a standard lifting capacity of 180kgs.

A warranty of 12 months is provided on all pool lift models.