Master Electricians Australia has urged homeowners to check a vital component of their solar power systems, following an urgent recall due to safety concerns about parts that are at risk of overheating and catching fire.

The Queensland Government has recalled Avanco and PVPower branded DC solar isolators since the products have been found defective due to an internal fault that leads to overheating and fires. Some of the solar power systems installed in homes since January 2012 may have these components.

MEA chief executive Malcolm Richards asked homeowners to check their solar installations to see whether these components have been installed; if so, they should follow the shutdown procedure to turn them off.

While urging homeowners to quickly determine if they have either of these products installed in their homes as the DC isolators may overheat and cause a fire, and the switches could cause a deadly electric shock, Mr Richards however, warned homeowners not to put themselves in danger. Instead of climbing on roofs or meddling with electrical fittings, they should contact an electrician or solar installer for advice.

Master Electricians Australia has published a homeowners' fact sheet with detailed information on how to identify whether their solar power system carries one of the defective products. The fact sheet also informs them about the procedure to be followed in the event a defective component is identified.