Master Electricians Australia  (MEA) has developed checklists to help Australians save energy as well as ensure fire safety this winter.

MEA has suggested various energy saving practices to reduce energy bills when keeping warm during the winter season.

According to MEA spokesperson Andrew Bailey, the winter months can cause energy bills to skyrocket off the charts as home owners struggle to stay warm. Current estimates indicate that Australian homes use 10-50% of their energy on heating each year.

MEA’s checklist contains simple energy saving tips to assist home owners with cutting down their energy bills while staying warm during the colder months. Mr Bailey suggests that general energy usage in the home could be reduced simply by considering the household’s energy use and patterns, and by using alternative methods to retain heat.

MEA’s energy saving and fire safety tips:

  • Operate some electrical appliances on off-peak tariffs to significantly reduce energy bills
  • Cover windows with blinds or shades of thick dark fabric to effectively and inexpensively retain heat within the house or room
  • Shut the door firmly when entering or leaving the house to prevent external draughts from entering the room
  • Consider home insulation to assist with heat retention
  • Use cold water in washing machines and utilise the clothesline instead of the electric dryer
  • Use safety switches on every circuit to manage increased risk of house fires during winter caused by higher usage of electrical appliances
  • Ensure all electrical items meet Australian Standards and are not damaged in any way to prevent fire risk
  • Replace any electrical item that is damaged, including electric blankets and heaters
The complete Winter Energy Saving Checklist and Winter Fire Safety Checklist can be viewed on the Master Electricians Australia website.