Master Builders Australia (MBA) has introduced the 2014 version of its Period Trade Contract.

Designed for situations where builders need the ongoing, but intermittent services of subcontractors, the Period Trade Contract permits the engagement of subcontractors on known terms and conditions.

Richard Calver, Legal Counsel for Master Builders Australia explains that the Period Trade Contract allows the subcontractor to be engaged for a defined period with the particular jobs agreed upon as per the need. This process prevents allegations of sham contracting being made and protects all parties by providing clear terms and conditions for intermittent work.

According to Mr Calver, the updated 2014 version of the Period Trade Contract establishes the legal rights and obligations of each party, along with their powers and duties on the basis of a quotation provided by the subcontractor and accepted by the contractor through a work order. 

He adds that the 2014 version eliminates the need to print an accompanying quotation form and work order. Instead, these forms will now be available free of charge electronically when a PTC2014 is purchased in hard copy.

Master Builders has also prepared a comprehensive User Guide that accompanies the contract, and explains the administrative procedures to give effect to the arrangements under PTC2014.

Highlights of the update in 2014 include communications by email and new provisions, which take into account change to work health and safety rules.

PTC2014 is on sale through the Master Builders Australia website and through all Master Builders associations.