Marmox Australia offers their range of shower tray systems for wet rooms and showers in confined locations. The shower tray systems are available with an extruded polystyrene core or as a solid shower stone base.

The extruded polystyrene shower trays are faced with fibreglass mesh that is embedded into a cement polymer mortar on each side. They require full support from a structured floor and can be easily cut to fit the shower area, which also includes irregular or circular shower bases.

The solid shower stone shower trays are made with acrylic polymer modified concrete that does not need to be fully supported by a structured floor.  They can be fixed directly to the floor joist and can be finished either by tiles, mosaics or vinyl.

Features of the Marmox shower tray systems:

  • Acoustically better than screed
  • Easy access, floor level
  • Available with offset or central drain
  • Pre-laid to falls (min 2% drain angle)
  • Hygienic with no moisture build ups under tiles
  • Can be fixed to timber or concrete floors
The Marmox Australia shower tray systems allows 100mm tiles or waterproof sheeting to be laid on without the risk of compression through point of loading.