The newly released collection of awning fabrics from Markilux, represented in Australia by Markilux Australia , has been inspired by nature. Swela SNC (Self Nano Clean) awning fabrics use properties of the lotus plant to create self-cleaning performance and the colours of the landscape for its aesthetic style.

The self-cleaning effect of the lotus plant was the beginning point for the development of the nano technology that Markilux now uses for its Swela SNC awning fabrics.

After examining how dirt did not adhere to the lotus leaf, Markilux came developed a finish that re-created the self-cleaning attribute of the plant. The finish enables the silky high-tech polyester fabric cover to permanently repel dirt, grease, oil and water, creating an awning that keep its radiant appearance, and is also easy to maintain.

The natural and architectural environment was used by Markilux stylists to design 24 new fabric colours and patterns, with photographs of natural and man-made landscapes being pixilated to achieve creative colour combinations.

From birds to the forest, to stairwells and exteriors of buildings, unique colours and textures have been derived to create this new range of awning fabric to suit the exteriors of all homes.

Swela awning fabrics are water resistant and offer UV protection of UPF 50+, blocking out at least 97% of UV radiation.

Now available in Australia, these awning fabrics are also supplied in a diverse palette of colours and prints that complement the Markilux premium range of over 35 folding-arm, conservatory and window awnings.

Markilux products, including Swela awning fabrics, are available throughout Australia and can be custom made to any home.