Markilux  supplies German-made retractable awnings for all commercial and domestic sun control requirements. Markilux retractable and folding arm awnings suit coastal areas. Their new awning technology represents innovation in sun shading solutions.

The Markilux 6000 Cocoon features a Bionic Tendon in the folding element of the awning arm. The Bionic Tendon can hold 1.2 tonnes of weight and makes the Markilux 6000 cocoon stronger than other awnings. This awning offers friction free, noiseless opening and closing free and corrosion resistant folding arms .

Awning cassettes are powder coated and their surfaces are dirt-resistant. They have a self-cleaning finish that enables the fabric cover to repel dirt, grease, oil and water. This ensures not only long lasting radiant colour, but also a low maintenance life. Markilux offers smart awnings and smart solutions.