Market Timbers is a leading supplier of European timber flooring, solid timber flooring and timber products in Australia. Market Timbers also works with customers to produce custom timber benchtops to specific requirements of size, thickness, lamination width and finish.

A recent project required Market Timbers to design and produce a benchtop with large feature elements across the table. The client chose Spotted Gum, a popular Australian timber, for their benchtop. Though working with this timber presented challenges, Market Timbers had an extremely talented joiner working in their warehouse who was able to come up with a glue solution that could bind the laminations.

Spotted Gum is well known for its large colour variation across boards. However, gum knots, streaks and veins can be difficult to work with when trying to achieve the desired design goals. To address the client’s requirement for feature elements on their Spotted Gum benchtop, Market Timber went through their stock and found wonderful feature elements from structural pieces, off cuts and even from some of their decking. Machining them all down revealed some stunning elements but they also had to reject a few.

Their joiner filled the features with epoxy, a see-through resin that allowed the lovely gum knots to be appreciated while still maintaining the flat integrity of a table. After sanding, finishing and polishing, the benchtop was ready for the client.

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