Thirteen years ago, Marblo (Holdings) became the first Australian company to sell a complete turn-key factory and manufacturing technology license to a Chinese Government State owned Enterprise. Today, the Groups’ marketing arm – Marblo Group – purchases Marblo solid surface sheets from the same Chinese factory.

Known as Marblo+ the range consists of popular colours mass produced by the Marblo factory in China. Marblo Group has the ability to compete with multi-national suppliers such as DuPont, Laminex Industries and Samsung, who manufacture or source products in Asia. “A price war has been escalating in the Australian market over recent years, with all of our major competitors releasing discounted ranges and or special offers” said Marblo Group Managing Director, Rany Obaidi. “Without Marblo+ it would be difficult for us to compete in the main-stream solid surface market. Our aim is to provide the lowest advertised price for a premium solid surface brand in Australia”

All have either heard or told stories recounting the trials and tribulations of attaining consistent quality or precise specifications for products Made in China. “In our case, the Chinese factory machinery was constructed in Australia and commissioned by the inventor of Marblo, my father Dr Karim Obaidi. All raw materials and formulations are nominated by Marblo to ensure a consistency of product between the Australian and Chinese Marblo factories.” reflected Rany Obaidi.

Marblo is still produced in Perth Western Australia by Marblo’s manufacturing licensee in Australia, Marblo Products. A factory producing sheets made to order from a selection of some 1100 colours or more in seven thicknesses, four sheet widths and three lengths cannot be an easy task. The Australian factory will even colour match for an order of just one sheet. This range of products has become commonly known to as the Marblo Custom Range for good reason.

The first release of the Marblo+ Range consists of ten colours in 650mm, 760mm and 900mm sheet widths and either 12.5mm or 20mm thickness. It is the intent of Marblo Group to introduce new colours to the Marblo+ Range only when market demands dictates. Marblo Group exports both the Marblo+ Range from China and the Marblo Custom Range from Australia.

Custom colours or off the shelf discounted popular colours the choice is yours, Australian or Chinese manufacture of Marblo materials.