Melbourne based company Ramler Furniture, initially sourced the Marblo café tabletop material for a Westfield food hall project in LA California. Since then the Westfield Group has selected Marblo in similar projects on the East Coast of America and Derby in the United Kingdom.

The translucent quality of the Marblo Opal series has captivated their imagination with its diverse range of colour choice and degrees of opacity.

Each of the Westfield centres had their own unique requirements, from design to colour themes. Some of the cafe table top design features included: a logo inlay, a single piece top in vibrant opaque colours, dual colours with seamless joined wedge design and a frosted glass effect.

When piecing together multiple Marblo sections using contrasting translucent colours, there is a soft fusion or blending of those colours at the seamless joint. This distinctive feature of the Marblo Opal series allows for a greater scope with design options.

The added value of using Marblo for these café table tops, is that even after years of general ware and tear, they can easy be refurbished to look like new again. This saves on costly replacements and helps the environment by minimising waste.

Combining customised colours with their translucent solid surface material has made way for a niche market for Perth based manufacturing company Marblo Products.