More options are available with Marblo custom sheet sizes as well as a large range of thicknesses.

Diversity with the Australian made Marblo material is possible.

Marblo custom sheet sizes reduces off-cut waste with obvious environmental benefits, but also is a cost saving to the client.

There is a wide range of standard thicknesses available from 6, 9, 12, 16, 18, 20 and 26mm. However, if there is a special thickness requirement other than those on offer, Marblo can be supplied in a thickness according to design requirements.

Up to 30mm thick Marblo sheet material can be produced without the need to laminate it, therefore eliminating additional fabrication costs.

The reason that all of these options are available is because the Marblo sheet material is only made to order, allowing for individual client requirements. With a lead-time of generally 10 to 14 days for Marblo sheet orders to be made and delivered to any capital city with in Australia, availability is not an issue.

A numerous choice of the Marblo custom colour matching service to the list of product options is also available.