Marble Renewal  is regarded as one of the masters of dimensional stone maintenance and restoration. Marble Renewal specialises in areas like granite, marble, limestone, sand stone, terrazzo and travertine.

Marble Renewal can work on polished, textured, honed, flamed and other surfaces. The services offered by Marble Renewal include façade cleaning, maintenance services, stone restoration, tiling and so on.

Marble Renewal performs various tasks like re-surfacing, cleaning, ongoing maintenance, replacing, repair, polishing, sealing, stripping and honing. At Marble Renewal, clients can benefit from the dimensional stone care solutions, which are customised to meet their needs.

Dimensional stones are measured and selected rocks which are quarried for building use. There are also some man-made stones which are included under dimensional stones.

Few of the stones which are included under this are agglomerate, terrazzo, onyx, soapstone, granite, marble, quartzite, limestone, slate, brownstone, ceramic tile, brick, river rock, flagstone etc.

Marble Renewal also offers stone restoration services. Under the restoration of Terrazzo, Marble Renewal follows a process that can restore the worn and wax layered floor, to give it a newly polished appearance even without topical coatings. Similar restoration work is also done on other stones such as granite, marble and sand stone.