Marble Renewal  offers maintenance services for stones because once restored, the right maintenance is compulsory to maintain the look of the floor. If maintenance is not done tacking might occur.

Marble Renewal helps its clients by offering advice to their cleaners for a daily cleaning program. Monthly or periodic preservation of the high travel areas of the floor is also carried on by Marble Renewal to uphold the high presentation.

Normal maintenance involves simple periodic washing with potable, clean water and neutral cleaners. CPR of Marble Renewal which stands for Cleaner, Protector and Restorer is also used for this cleaning process. The directions of use are provided along with CPR on its label to assist clients.

Marble Renewal also offers façade cleaning services in which a JOS patented low pressure roating vortex process is used. This process is a cleaning technology that works gently on the environment and the building. Through this process corrosive matter on brass, bronze and anodised aluminium are gently abraded away without harming the surface.

The JOS patented low-pressure rotating-vortex has been proved to be of high value in the cases of graffiti and other drawings on walls. It can be used on about every building material and is found to achieve one of the best results. Cleaning up damage due to fire and removal of paints and coatings is also carried out under façade cleaning.