There are different types of services which are offered by Marble Renewal for bench tops and tiling. It has generally been seen that acid level in vinegar, liqueurs and fruits actually etch honed marble bar tops and polished marbles.

Similar problems can be faced by marble vanity tops. The vanity top restoration program and bar of Marble Renewal removes every topical seals, etching and polishes. This process from Marble Renewal, repairs the bars and vanity tops and shields it from additional damage.

Marble Renewal offers BVP or the Bar and Vanity Protection product, which helps in maintaining the top to an acceptable appearance. Marble Renewal also recommends one of its reliable tradesmen who help out with requirements like size, colour and type of stone and its finish.

Marble Renewal also offers consultation services. It does stone inspections and analysis on failures. Every type of testing, expert witnessing, government specs writing and restoration is available worldwide.

The services offered under consulting include training and seminars, inspections, sampling, surveys, expert witnessing, ASTM testing of stone, feasibility studies, stain removal testing, historical prevention and recommendations for restoration.

Marble Renewal offers certain tips to its clients for restoration of stones. It also offers certain products to preserve stones including Peneguard, which is a penetrating sealer.