The subject of cleaning buildings is gaining significance as people become aware of the environment. Therefore the use of materials such as chemical cleaning agents, which could harm the environment will become subject to restrictions.

The JOS patented low-pressure rotating-vortex cleaning process, from Marble Renewal , can be described as a kind of jet-blasting process in the broad sense of the word. But JOS patented low-pressure rotating-vortex process converts or transforms the energy from the jet rotating energy by means of a specially constructed nozzle.

This cleaning technology is based on a low-pressure rotating vortex process and works with a low and variable air pressure (between 0.1psi and 21psi), water qualities which can be precisely regulated within the range of 10 to 60 litres per hour, and a fine granulate selected to suit the low-pressure technique.

The finely dispersed vortex of air, granulate and water emerging from the JOS nozzle meet the surface being cleaned so that cleaning is achieved by a scouring, rotating polishing. The JOS cleaning process uses cleaning granulates or fine powder specially selected for the individual cleaning requirements and to suit the low-pressure cleaning process. The granulate used is normally ultra-fine mineral, so that there is no need to use chemical cleaning agents of any kind.