Disadvantages of on-site building can include exposure to weather patterns and disruption to communities through congestion and noise interferences. Consequently prefabricated modular buildings are increasingly providing solutions throughout Australia particularly as offices, schools and general commercial and industrial properties.

Marathon Group , specialists in manufactured building, explain that Australian organisations have been relatively reluctant to adopt the practice despite the fact there is a wealth of evidence produced by many European countries to support the many benefits of manufactured building.

Tim Drake, Sales Manager of the Marathon Group, says that speed and accuracy of the modular buildings they produce is exceptional due to the fact the solutions are made to order.  

Benefits of manufactured building:

  • Weather delays are eliminated as building are manufactured inside a construction plant
  • Tradespeople are not impacted by adverse weather conditions
  • Location does not affect the construction such as power lines or traffic impediments
  • Trade disciplines associated with a construction job can be easily managed;and
  • Timelines and budgets can be controlled accordingly.  
Once buildings have been manufactured they are can be connected to sewer outlets and power sources immediately once installed on location. 

 "It is quite a new concept for Australia to understand, but in all reality a building manufactured within industrial premises such as ours can be under construction on a 24/7 basis if required," said Mr Drake.