Cancer Council Australia is the peak national, non-government cancer control organisation in Australia. Its aim is to minimise the threat of cancer to Australians through prevention programs, best treatment and support.

A national sun survey was conducted by the Council and its members in 2003 in order to determine attitudes, knowledge and behaviours of the community regarding sun protection and sunburn incidence of children, adolescents and adults.

The national survey provided valuable insight to guide the development of skin cancer prevention programs and gauge its effectiveness.

The Council developed its National Cancer Prevention Policy which outlines a number of effective interventions against ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

According to the Council's findings, providing supportive environments for school children - such as the provision of shaded areas through purpose built shade sails - can help reduce unnecessary exposure to UV, therefore reducing the risks of sunburn and skin cancer.

Thankfully, MakMax Australia offer a range of architectural umbrellas that are available in various shapes and sizes, and in either collapsible, portable or modular units.

Key advantages of the shade umbrellas include:
  • provide maximum UVA and UVB protection
  • state-of-the-art membranes including TiO2 photocatalytic membrane
  • galvanised and stainless steel cables and fittings
  • easy to operate as there are no internal gear boxes
  • high strength
  • durable, all steel frame construction
  • waterproof, UV resistant, anti-fungal, easy to clean PVC canopy with PVDF coating