Tensotherm from MakMax Australia is a translucent and insulated tensile fabric roofing material that delivers glare free and natural daylight, enhanced temperature control and innovative sustainability.

Tensotherm tensile fabric roofing materials feature a three layer construction that offers numerous benefits in a range of applications. The outer PTFE layer of Tensotherm comes standard with TiO² PTFE coatinig that helps to keep the roof clean; the next layer in is a Nanogel blanket, an extremely lightweight thermal insulating material; and the next layer is a PTFE glass fibre interior liner that provides continuous vapour and effective acoustical barriers.

Numerous studies show a range of benefits experienced in environments where Tensotherm roofing materials are used, such as

  • improved teaching and learning in schools
  • improved productivity in offices and manufacturing facilities
  • improved sales in shopping malls; and
  • improved healing rates in hospitals.
Tensotherm tensile fabric roofing materials can also increase the original roof's thermal insulation performance, provide superb sound insulation, and reduce HVAC energy consumption and costs. It is 100% moisture resistant as well as fade resistant.

With all the aesthetic appeal of traditional PTFE roofing, Tensotherm also allows plenty of design freedom.

More information on Tensotherm insulated tensile fabric roofing materials can be obtained from MakMax Australia.