PVC tensile membrane from architectural fabric membranes specialist MakMax Australia was used to create a permanent roof structure over a flexible space to increase seating capacity at the Movie World theme park restaurants.  

Australia’s Movie World theme park welcomes over 1.3 million visitors annually, drawing over 7000 people per day in summer. Its increasing popularity as a function venue made it imperative to increase the seating capacity of its restaurants to accommodate the growing crowds.  

The project scope involved the design and construction of a flexible space with a permanent roof structure to significantly increase the theme park’s restaurant seating capacity while ensuring all construction took place outside park operating hours.  

Alan Griffith Architects opted for a barrel vault design that would successfully integrate interior and exterior, ticking all the boxes for maximum design efficiencies and value with a minimal volume of fabric.  

PVC tensile membrane was chosen for the 4000m² roof for its durability, longevity and superior coverage in addition to its ability to harness natural light and deliver a lightweight structure with maximum visual appeal. A prominent highlight on the skyline, the roof structure built with PVC tensile membrane also helped increase the seating capacity from 330 to 1500.