MakMax Australia supplied the fabric roofing for a Gold Coast stadium redevelopment project at Carrara in Queensland. The Metricon Stadium was fitted out with 16,600 square metres of PTFE glass fibre architectural membrane roofing which provides cover for the East, West and Southern perimeter of the stadium structure.

The facility was built to accommodate the AFL oval, ICC-compliant cricket oval, with the provision to allow future installation of IAAF Athletics field and FIFA World Cup soccer field.

PTFE (polytetrafluroethlyene) coated high translucency glass fibre fabric is a dynamic tensile material that is pleasing to the eye as well as durable. It is an ideal material for tensile membrane structures and shade structures alike.

PTFE is able to withstand temperatures ranging from -73°C to +232°C and the surface of the glass fibre material is easily rinsed by rainwater and is resistant to UV radiation.

PTFE glass fibre high translucent fabric membranes can even be spot welded or sewn and are exceptionally strong and chemically inert. Also, the tension membrane is translucent which evenly disperses daylight, making it ideal for office complexes and malls and even where indoor foliage and landscaping exist.