Provider of tension membrane structures, MakMax Australia has supplied a long span bowling greens cover for the Cabramatta Bowls Club, in NSW. This follows on from the success of providing sun-safe playing environments for the Pine Rivers Memorial Bowls Club in Queensland.

The covers are made from state of the art PTFE (polytetraflouroethylene) fabric roofing in which the inner fibres feature fibre glass with a Teflon outer coating to help keep the surface clean with a crisp white colour.

“The new covered green means a big change for our club, we’re looking forward to the opportunity to host major events, even international competitions,” says Barry Watkins, General Manager of Cabramatta Bowls Club.

“The fact that play won’t be interrupted by weather also helps, we can rely on a schedule and there is definitely comfort in that.”

With one out of three greens covered, the Cabramatta Bowls Club is now able to plan events and programs that weren’t previously possible. The covered area has offered space and flexibility, which allows the club to expand its operations considerably, regardless of the weather.

“In the future we hope to set up a training centre, and develop programs that will benefit our community,” says Watkins.