The fabric structure at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, installed by MakMax , fulfilled the purpose of providing amenity and shade to an area where people could people can meet, greet and gather prior to entering the grounds.

Inverted cones provided a dynamic and structurally stimulating environment that replicated the surrounding existing trees, as requested by the client, and continues to be the focus of the beautifully manicured gardens at the racecourse.

The central column of the fabric structure represents the trunk of the tree while the CHS steel frame represents the trees main branches. Seams of the fabric structure symbolise the smaller branches. The structure also was deemed environmentally friendly as the water is gathered and channelled to the storm water storage pit that helps to water the surrounding gardens and trees.

Creating a structure that replicated trees proved challenging but the successful fabric structure now provides a focal point to the entire site. The fabric structure is dynamic and energetic as well as environmentally friendly. 

After dark the fabric structure transforms into a giant lantern which assists the people from the car park, railway station and bus-stops to find the entrance easily and quickly.