MakMax Australia make architectural umbrellas in a selection of different shapes and sizes. Collapsible, portable and modular models are also available, as is a huge range of accessories including heating and lighting.

The all steel frame constructions are wind rated and together with the high frequency butt joint welded canopy panels, with tape reinforcing, enable MakMax architectural umbrellas to withstand strong winds. There is a large range of fabrics and steel powder coat colours to choose from.

The PVC canopy on these umbrellas has a PVDF coating which makes them waterproof, UV resistant, anti fungal and easy to clean and maintain. They can be installed to mast surfaces including concrete footings and slabs, timber decking and boardwalks.

The collapsible umbrellas have a patented lever erection system that enables the operator to erect or collapse the umbrella in seconds. The architectural umbrellas are robust and easy to transport. They are supplied either fully pre-assembled or in component form for easy installation and erection.